About aMIAble foods

Hey guys!

Welcome to our Kitchen!

We are Mia and Bebs. Sisters-in-law who love baking, cooking different dishes from different cultures and experimenting with new recipes. Baking and cooking is our passion or can we say our “raison d’etre”.

Mia: I live in Paris, France with my husband Bart (Taster No.1), daughter Nicole (our graphic artist), and our son Joshua (our junior chef). Baking and cooking started out as a hobby for me but eventually evolve into a small business from cakes, cookies, and other pastries. When not cooking/baking or working she just loves hanging out with my family.

Bebs: I was once a career woman who is now a full-time blogger. I have been blogging since 2014 but made it my full-time career since 2016, running the successful blog, Foxy Folksy, with my German husband and blogging partner, Armin. I was 6 years in the Swabian region of southern Germany before we decided to move back to the Philippines in 2017. I am passionate about baking and cooking which Foxy Folksy is mostly about. Now I am sharing both my passions with my sister-in-law, Mia, who does lots of wonderful stuff in her kitchen from Paris.