1. wonderful to find you guys! & to think I was only looking for a cheese pimiento recipe. I would’ve gravitated to the Filipino site but I saw that yours had 5 stars … clicked on it et voila!!! wonder of wonders… my kinda people!!! If I ever get away from my beloved Philippines in pursuit of my 50 years childhood dream of trekking around France, I’ll drop you guys a note & who knows, we might end up more than kindred spirit even if I’m the foot loose & fancy free type. Meantime, I’ve perused your Metro guide & added it to my ever growing list of travel costs & info. Thanks !

    1. Hi George,
      This comment put a smile on my face while reading. It would be a pleasure to show you around Paris when you do come and visit. In the meantime stay safe and enjoy making the cheese pimiento. Cheers!

  2. oh thank you for this! and like the comment above, I was just looking for a Taisan and Pianono recipe… and Voila! I’m planning to go to Paris now! ahahhaha! whenever, I do not know, but I sure do will. This is helpful. 🙂

    1. Hi Maria,
      I do hope that you’ll be able to visit Paris and who knows? we might even bump to each other.

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