Filipino Coconut Macaroons

Filipino coconut macaroons are delicious delicacies you can easily treat yourself with. Bite-sized cupcakes that are soft and loaded with coconut flavor! You’ll be baking these any chance you get.

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I enjoy Filipino coconut macaroons and do not miss the opportunity to buy some when going home to Philippines. In France, they call it “macaron a la noix de coco”, which is also delicious but I like my macaroons more cake-like.

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What makes this recipe works?

This recipe caters to coconut lovers and cupcakes enthusiast alike! Imagine getting the best of both worlds in every bite. Chewy and soft on the inside, crisp and golden on the outside. When done right, coconut macaroons gives a rich coconut flavor that is simply addictive and irresistible!

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How to make the Filipino version

Unlike the other recipes which only makes use of coconut flakes, eggs whites, condensed milk and butter, I incorporated flour and baking powder to make it cakier. Baking the batter in small cupcake liners is also one of the trademarks of Filipino coconut macaroons. So, with a just a few ingredients needed a batch of macaroons can be yours in less than 30 minutes!

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Success tips

This recipe yields 32 macaroons but you can easily double or triple the recipe for bigger crowds. Don’t worry about left overs, there won’t be any.

No need to cream the butter and sugar, so there is no need for hand mixers. A simple wire whisk is all you need.

Do not over-bake. 15 – 17 minutes in the oven is all it takes to bake the macaroons or else they’ll dry out.

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I used fine desiccated coconut which is readily available in groceries here. If you can’t find any, grind shredded coconut in a food processor/blender to break it down. This helps create a tighter and more compact coconut macaroon.

You can place the macaroons in tightly sealed containers and freeze them. To defrost, let them come to room temperature on the counter for about an hour.

Try dipping it in Nutella for a whole new different experience!

cupcakes in cupcake liners in a container

The secret ingredient is always LOVE

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Filipino Coconut Macaroons

Filipino coconut macaroons are delicious delicacies you can easily treat yourself with. Bite-sized cupcakes that are soft and loaded with coconut flavor! You'll be baking these any chance you get.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Resting Time5 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: Filipino, International
Keyword: coconut macaroons recipe, filipino coconut macaroons
Servings: 32 macaroons
Author: Mia


  • ½ cup cake flour or all-purpose flour
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 2 whole medium eggs
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • cup melted butter
  • 300 ml condensed milk
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 cups fine desiccated coconut


  • Prepare muffin baking tray by lining with small cupcake liners. Pre heat oven at 180°C or 356°F.
  • In a mixing bowl, sift cake flour, baking powder, and salt. Set aside.
  • In a separate mixing bowl crack 2 whole eggs then beat using a wire whisk until light or pale in color.
  • Add sugar and butter then whisk until sugar granules dissolves. Add condensed milk gradually while whisking then add vanilla extract. Continue whisking until well incorporated.
  • Tip in the sifted cake flour mixture and fold into the wet ingredients until no traces of flour is left using a spatula.
  • Add desiccated coconut and mix into the batter until fully incorporated. Let it sit for 5 minutes for the coconut to absorb the batter.
  • After resting, scoop macaroon batter with a teaspoon and fill up prepared cupcake liners 3/4 full. Bake in the preheated oven for 15-17 minutes at 180°C/356°F or until golden brown.
  • Remove from oven and transfer in a wire rack to cool down. When cool to touch, serve and enjoy. Bon appetit!



  1. Baking time may differ depending on oven used.
  2. You can eat on its own or dip in Nutella for a different experience.

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