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  1. 3 stars
    Found your site looking for gravy hints for vheap meat. Your recipe looks delicious but I was almost finished cooking mine so havent tried it. Hence the neutral stars .
    Actually it was the mozzarella that surprised me. You and your husband are obviously much younger than I and I bet he’s from south east England. I never heard of that cheese till probably the 80s or 90s of last century. I never had cottage pie with cheese on it either but, as I come ftom Lancashire it would’ve a lovely creamy, crumbly, tasty Lancashire cheese. Yorkshire folk would use Wensleydale maybe. Then there is Cheddar further south, Gloucester, etc etc for every area of the country. I gather a lot of the difference is in the geology under the grass the cows eat. We dont have buffalo in England as a rule so mozarrella would not feature in traditional cottage pie. Just like the sweet potato i mix with potato in my mash. So nowt wrong wi’ a bit of foreign cheese either. I will be using sheeps cheese tho as I live on S Spain now and its quite common. So is goat cheese but dont think it would do here.

    1. Hi Helena,
      Thanks for dropping by. We actually live in France and using mozzarella is my take in making cottage pie. I haven’t tried sheep’s cheese and I would really love to know how it went when you try it.

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