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    1. Hi Rienna,
      Here are some factors to consider when fermenting the rice;
      1. The container with the rice should be kept in a dry place and at room temperature or warmer.
      2. the container or bottle should be properly sealed / airtight.
      3. You can extend the days until rice ferments.
      Hope this helps and let us know. Cheers!

    1. Hi Ana,
      No, you don’t need to boil the leaves. Wash it thoroughly and enjoy it fresh with the burong isda. Enjoy

  1. 4 stars
    May I ask, pwedi po ba sya hindi i ref after magisa na? Ipapa ship kopo kasi sana at ipapatikim sa friend ko na taga Batangas.

    1. Hi Sey,

      Thank you for your question, I suggest na huwag mo munang igisa ang buro. kse may kamatis yan baka masira during transit pag nagisa na. Pwede mo padala na hinde pa gisa at ilagay mo sa properly sealed na bottle or container.

  2. Hi i tried to do your Fish Fermented (Burong Isda) i think i’m success..😁 but i only ferment it for 7 days siguro next time i’ll make it 10 days or more para mas maasim siya..😁 sayang i cannot post my picture para makita mo..😁😁

    1. Hello ate Dhel,
      Yes, the longer the better and dapat airtight container talaga. Enjoy with fried fish and mustasa! Warm regards!

      1. Hi Ed,
        I haven’t tried it yet with sea bass, but I have seen others tried with salmon. I think you can try it as long as it’s fillet. Let me know how it goes! Cheers

  3. Pwede ba isama ang ulo at tinik ng malaking isda na tilapia sa buro? Kung isama d ba marinik at matigas ito? Kc ako tinatanggal ko pa. Salamat

    1. Hi Lulamae,
      Yes tama ginawa mo wag mo isasama yung tinik at ulo ng isda. Burong isda is considered as a condiment so dapat wala tinik.

    1. Hi Edarlyn,
      yung iba po ang gamit nila is Salmon fillet. pwede din ng mud fish y fillet nyo po.pwede ding hipon. then preserve for 15 to 20 days po.

    1. Hi Madelyn,

      I suggest you throw it away and make a new one. Ferment the buro in room temperature (23°C – 28°). You need to stir the buro once every 3 to 4 days and make sure that the container is really airtight. If on the 10th day the buro already smells sour when you check on it, it’s okay to cook it. Hope this helps.

  4. gaano po tatagal un luto ng buto once nailagay na sa clean and dry na glass jar? maari din ba itong masira agad with in a week after ma luto na?

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thank you sa question. After maluto ang buro, pa-cool down muna bago ilipat sa clean and dry na jar at i-refrigerate kung di kaagad kakainin. Kung na-refrigerate tatagal sya ng 2 weeks. If not 2-4 days lang ay pwede na masira because may tomato.

    1. Hi Thea,
      Yes you can use frozen fillet of any white fleshed fish. Thaw in room temperature before making. Hope this helps.

  5. it ok na matagal po naburo kasi yun weather paiba iba minsan malamig po at iinit hindi alam kung nabuburo sya sa weather…i think nsa 20 to 30days na po yata and hindi naman sya maamoy..hindi ba masira tyan ko pg kinain..

    1. Hi Louie,
      I tried na iburo sya up to 15 days, while mixing every 3-5 days, but not more than that. Hindi ko pa na-try up to 20 to 30 days so I cannot assure you na safe to eat. Hindi naman talaga maamoy but it will really smell sour. I suggest making a new batch just to be safe and try to keep an eye para hindi tumagal for more than 15 days.

    1. Hi Gracey,
      Mas masarap if may kamatis pag ginisa kase mas flavorful at mas vibrant and dish. I suggest to place it in the fridge after na i-gisa to para di agad masira.

  6. In Pangasinan, ginger is a very important ingredient to burong isda, We mince the ginger and mix it with the rice and salt. Not only does it help with the fermenting process, but it also lends aroma and flavor. The amount of salt can be adjusted, depending on how long you want the fermentation time. It could go for months if more salt is added– and it is more delicious if fermented for a longer time.

    Most importantly, seal the top of the preparation with salt before sealing the bottle with plastic and its cap. This will prevent the preparation from developing mold and prevent outside microbes from getting into it.

    1. Hi Alex,
      Thank you for sharing. Yes, those are good ways to extend the fermenting process and to make the dish delicious.

    1. Hi Miyame,
      Hindi ko pa na try with bangus. Yung iba po ang gamit nila is Salmon fillet. pwede din ng mud fish y fillet nyo po. pwede ding hipon. then preserve for 15 to 20 days. Hope this helps and let us know how it went.

    1. Hi Faith, Sorry to hear about that. Was it salty even after cooking the buro? Did you stir occasionally while fermenting the buro? Please let us know so we can help out.

  7. I tried making 1 jar, and I have a doubt if I will open and mix it since airtight sya at baka mabulok kapag binuksan

    1. Hi Joe,
      It’s ok to open and don’t worry because you need to stir the buro once every 3 to 4 days to allow the even fermentation and texture of the rice. Make sure that the container is really airtight when you close it again. Hope this helps.

  8. Can we add food colouring if yes, which part of the process we can add it ? and what kind of Food colouring can you suggest?

  9. 5 stars
    Hi anak,
    Dakal a salamat keng recipe mu.
    Subukan kung magburong pasibayu.
    Komusta kang Norman at buong pamilya.
    God bless!

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